We put the customer first and great marketing follows.

We’ve been helping clients develop clear, concise and creative marketing and communications strategies for years. Along the way, we’ve kept our eye on the customer, and we partner with with our clients to ensure they do, too.

Our clients are global, regional and local companies, as well as individuals looking to start a new venture. We help clients find the right solutions and strategies to attract and engage customers, from digital marketing, web design, and user experience, to presentations and content marketing and development. We also provide experienced project management to ensure you reach your goals.


"I hired Tim and KasenPoint for a critical, time-sensitive website project. With short notice, (they were) able to plan, build and deliver a new website under extremely tight deadlines. However, I knew we could count on Tim as he’s been a great consultant to many of my clients over the years. He’s a true professional and frequently exceeds my clients’ expectations when it comes to providing great marketing and communications strategies and project management skills. He’s also a great collaborator and finds creative solutions to challenging problems. I highly recommend Tim and KasenPoint."

Tami Martin, Founder & CEO, Bluehawk  Consulting


"When our business (HEP Direct) was about to quickly expand we needed a new website to increase visibility of our services and our people. Working with an extremely tight budget, KasenPoint immediately went to work to understand our business. (They) put together a core website strategy, developed the content and launched the site within three weeks. Tim’s experience and creativity also came in handy when we needed to develop a last-minute presentation that would effectively showcase our business during a major convention. KasenPoint delivered when we needed it and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire (them) again."

— Byron Fehler, Consultant (former COO/CIO and co-owner, HEP Direct)


"It was my extreme pleasure to work with Tim for more than seven years. His proven ability to prioritize tasks, question deeply for clarity, provide a 360-degree analysis of a problem or opportunity, and develop alternatives, with action plans, are just some of his strongest talents. Tim has exceptional time-management skills and his dedication, team work and forward thinking, have always made him a partner of choice for the OEM Division at Microsoft."

John L. Litten, Chief of Staff, Microsoft OEM Global Device Partners


"Tim's experience at Microsoft provided the Wisconsin Bike Fed with tremendous value and expertise during the project to upgrade our Internet presence. Tim reviewed our existing website, provided feedback on our new conceptual design and later edited our draft content. His insights were extremely valuable."

— David Schlabowske, Communications Director, Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin

"I had the pleasure of working with Tim for several years. We were working on a global web project…with over 30 Microsoft subsidiaries…Tim always displayed a great eye for design and ‘the voice of the user’ on the site. He has the uncanny ability to see things from a business and end-user perspective. I would consider myself lucky to work with Tim on any project in the future."

— Carmen Martinez, co-founder, The SilverMartin Group